How to have a good night’s sleep

Do you wake up every morning feeling exhausted, groggy and grumpy?  Do you find it difficult to sleep at all? Maybe you toss and turn all night? Here are some quick and easy tips to help you get the best night’s rest you’ve had in years.

Keep a notebook by your bed

If you’ve got a lot on, have some important exams coming up or simply can’t ‘switch off’ for the night, try keeping a notebook on your bedside table or under your pillow. Having tomorrow’s tasks going round in your head will not help you drift off to the land of nod; so write down any thoughts that are keeping you awake. This way, you won’t forget next Tuesday’s important meeting or the dentist appointment at 3. With your mind able to relax, you’ll be snoozing in no time!

Invest in warm, comfortable bedding

A good duvet will do wonders for your sleep. Try our online shop to find your perfect duvet. Don’t wake up sweating and uncomfortable, try a Baavet and have the best night’s sleep of your life.

Choose a bedtime

Not just for kids, set times to go to sleep help settle your body into a natural rhythm. Your body expects to slow down and relax at your set time, so will automatically ease you into a nice, gentle sleep.

Only use your bedroom for sleeping

Many of us are guilty of lying in bed watching television or a late night horror film, but all that stimulation doesn’t help your body wind down for the evening. Instead of reading in bed before going to sleep, try reading in your lounge for half an hour and getting into bed when you feel tired. You’ll be amazed at how these simple changes can help!

Cool bedroom

How Baavet started?

Baavets were first developed by husband and wife team Roger and Lesley who have a small hill farm in Snowdonia, North Wales (His mother’s name is Eileen O’Dowd so there is a strong Irish connection!) They wanted to find a value added use for wool and thought that a wool duvet would be the thing.

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I bought a Baavet at the All Ireland Ploughing Match and just wanted to let you know that my husband and I are enjoying sleeping under it very much.  It is truly self regulating.  My husband has been sleeping "covered up" for the first time in many weeks as he is so hot with covers on.
Thank you.

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