Our business ethics

Here at Baavet Ireland, we operate by a strict set of ethical business principles.  We believe in treating our employees fairly, respecting the animals we rely on for our quality wool and looking after our customers to the highest standard. Here’s a quick guide to some of our rules of operation and why you should choose our company for your Irish wool duvets, and general bedding needs.

1.    We believe in offering only the highest quality products at the best prices. We strive to make every single one of our customers happy with our products and our unbeatable customer service.

2.    We are the only duvet company to offer a no-quibble money-back-guarantee on all of our products.

3.    We only use natural and sustainable materials in all of our products

4.    All of our products are fair trade. We buy responsibly from our raw material providers, farmers, cotton merchants, wool merchants and our other suppliers.

5.    We believe in fully supporting our workforce in all of their endeavours. We are devoted to helping and encouraging them to develop their own skills and furthering their career. And we pay all our staff well above the minimum wage.


A quick history of the duvet

Now  commonplace in every home, the modern duvet has been keeping our ancestors warm for centuries. The exact origins of the duvet are shrouded in mystery, but it’s widely accepted that the Chinese were the first to use a duvet like blanket to keep themselves warm at night in around 3,000 B.C. The Germans were using them for years before the first recorded sale in the UK, which was made by entrepreneur Paul Rycaut (1629 -1700).

After his business idea of selling European duvets to the English fell through, their next mainstream use was during the Victorian era. Known as an Eiderdown, it was used commonly enough but didn’t replace heavier, warmer blankets. (They should have tried a pure wool duvet!)

The popular, mainstream use of duvets of today first began in the 1970s. They took off after being marketed as a Continental Quilt and their popularity hasn’t waned since!

How Baavet started?

Baavets were first developed by husband and wife team Roger and Lesley who have a small hill farm in Snowdonia, North Wales (His mother’s name is Eileen O’Dowd so there is a strong Irish connection!) They wanted to find a value added use for wool and thought that a wool duvet would be the thing.

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I bought a Baavet at the All Ireland Ploughing Match and just wanted to let you know that my husband and I are enjoying sleeping under it very much.  It is truly self regulating.  My husband has been sleeping "covered up" for the first time in many weeks as he is so hot with covers on.
Thank you.

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